A Brief Run Down On What Is Muay Thai

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What is Muay Thai?

Here is everything you need to know about Muay Thai in 8 paragraphs. Muay Thai is a martial art that originated in Thailand that has both competition and self-defense applications. As well as health and fitness. One of its most distinctive features is the use of the elbows and knees, in addition to the use of the hands and feet in striking and is often called the Art of Eight Limbs because of this.

Another interesting feature of Muay Thai that some of who you guys may not be aware who, is that practitioners typically prefer to strike with their shins rather than striking with their feet (which some martial arts styles use) when utilizing lower body techniques.

The Strengths Of Thai Boxing

Muay Thai has several strengths and advantages as a martial art. Its long history as a competition form has made it extremely popular with fighters all over the world. In fact, many MMA fighters in cage or UFC matches these days typically train in Muay Thai boxing, in addition to at least one grappling form, like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Judo.

Muay Thai is primarily a standup form of fighting, though there are many techniques that are used in the standup grappling usually referred to as a clinching in boxing.

Muay Thai is remarkably effective as a martial art, because it emphasizes training with the elbows and knees, smaller fighters who are trained in Muay Thai are able to deliver extremely powerful blows compared to what they would be able to deliver utilizing their hands and feet.

Thai kickboxing practitioners are also trained to strike in weak points, which further multiplies the force that a practitioner can deliver with a blow. Rather than punching somebody in the head, for instance, a Muay Thai fighter may opt for a well-placed shin kick to the sides of the knees, but only in a self-defense situation.

Muay Thai is also notable for the conditioning that fighters go through. Most Muay Thai fighters condition their shins so that they deliver more powerful blows without hurting themselves. This level of preparation and targeted training is characteristic of this martial arts.

But if your not interested in become a professional Muay Thai or MMA fighter and are training more for fitness, then this form of training isn’t really necessary. If you are, then this will be an absolute must. And I’ll go over some of the best ways to condition your shins in a later blog.

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