Benefits & Reasons Why You Should Learn Muay Thai

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Interested In Muay Thai Kickboxing?

I wanted to talk about the reasons that you or anyone else might be interested in Muay Thai Style Kickboxing. Lots of people come to find Muay Thai for different reasons. Below are some.

Muay Thai offers many great benefits, including:

  • • Self Defense Skills
  • • Lose Weight
  • • Get In Shape
  • • Discipline
  • • Fitness
  • • A New Hobby
  • • Have Fun
  • • Help With MMA Training
  • • Cross Training
  • • On and On…

UFC and Mixed Martial Arts Helps Pave Way For Muay Thai

These days lots of people are making their way to Muay Thai via Mixed Martial Arts events like the UFC. The success of Muay Thai in the cage isn’t shocking to me. I’m surprised that it took this long for everyone to take notice.

What has MMA done for Muay Thai?

There’s no doubt that MMA has done nothing but help bring Muay Thai to the worldwide audience. Not that Muay Thai wasn’t around before, but now you see every fighter training in it.

This blog and my posts are mainly for Thai boxing and everything that goes along with it. That said keep in mind that many of these techniques and topics I cover will be applicable to MMA fighting too.

The thing about MMA is that due to the takedowns you don’t get to really see “true” Muay Thai in action, which is a shame. I plan to show you all the aspects of Muay Thai. That way you can really see all the grace and beauty of real Muay Thai Style Kickboxing.

The other thing drawing people to Muay Thai is the fitness aspects. Make no bones about it…

Muay Thai will get you in shape!

Think about all you do in Muay Thai. Punching, kicking, Knees, Elbows, jumping rope, shadow boxing, you get the idea.

I added a box at the bottom of my home page and on the free video page, where you can sign up for my free beginners course. These videos will give you a pretty good idea of what Muay Thai is and the way that I teach it.

Remember, as with anything I teach, make sure you study the videos and then drill it. You need to be drilling all the time. It doesn’t take much, maybe like 5 minutes a day of shadow boxing. Trust me when I say this; It does help!

That’s your homework for today. Study, drill, have fun and then drill some more!

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