Discovering Your Inner Strength with Muay Thai Training

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If You Think Muay Thai Is Just Physical… Keep Reading Because The Answer Will Shock You!

When most people sign up for Muay Thai lessons, or buy a few training DVD‘s, their initial thoughts turn to the sport’s physical/technical aspects, as well as how the training can help them lose weight.

Maybe you are in the same boat?

However, we quickly discover that the ‘Art of the Eight Limbs’ is more than just learning self-defense techniques, throwing proper punches and kicks, and working up a decent sweat.

In fact, gaining inner strength and self-confidence are the greatest benefits of Muay Thai, the ultimate reward for all your hard work and effort.  Make no mistake, this martial art demands hard work and perseverance.  However, by pushing your physical and mental limits, you as a Muay Thai student will learn how to harness body, mind, and spirit to achieve massive goals – both in training and everyday life.

The Four (4) Pillars of Muay Thai Inner Strength.

What does Muay Thai offer that will build your inner strength and character like no other activity?  A simple look at the following “pillars” should clarify things:

1. Discipline.

Self-discipline is a key to achieving personal inner strength, as this is where your commitment to Muay Thai will really show.

Question: Do you have the discipline to excel in all aspects of Muay Thai training, i.e.:

  • Yoga (balance, flexibility, injury prevention)
  • Overall fitness (cardiovascular endurance, stamina, weight loss, etc.)
  • Sprinting, middle and long-distance running.
  • Basic Muay Thai Techniques: Footwork, shadowboxing, etc.
  • Bag work, Pads work, and Drills Training.
  • Sparring sessions.
  • Post-training Recovery: Stretching, Relaxing (Cool Down) and Rehydration.

If you answered ‘Yes’, then you are on the path of self-fulfillment and (possibly?) spiritual enlightenment.

2. Courage.

A Muay Thai fighter must have the courage to push through when the odds are stacked against him and all seems lost in the squared circle.  Often, he must dig down deep within himself – even against himself – to complete a fight, complete a round, or fulfill training requirements as his body cries out to surrender.  It is this fighting spirit that will separate you from the pack.

3. Respect.

Professionally, kickboxing can be a brutal sport that leaves its combatants battered and scarred for life.  Even non-professionals who spar seriously at the gym risk serious injury without the right precautions.   Therefore, you must demonstrate and show proper respect for the sport, its officials, your instructors, and of course all your opponents.

In fact, superior technical skills are worthless if you do not respect the historical and cultural heritage of Muay Thai…

4. Vision.

Muay Thai training is visual art in motion, and demands intimate self-knowledge of your body and its capabilities.   Yoga, fitness training, and technical work (see above) all play a role in your development.  However, you must also develop strategic and tactical knowledge about fighting, e.g. evaluating opponents and exploiting their weaknesses.  With experience, this knowledge can evolve into the clear wisdom needed to outperform and achieve championship status.

Hopefully, the Four Pillars description above will encourage you to visit a local Muay Thai academy or training center.  I can’t tell you how many folks have walked into my gym lacking self-esteem and confidence, only to become tremendous trainees and fighters within a short period of time.

It doesn’t’ matter what point in life you find yourself in right now.  Take the Thai boxing challenge to gain the inner strength and peace you so richly deserve.

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