How To Drill Your Muay Thai Techniques

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Drilling Your Muay Thai Kickboxing Techniques

It takes more than knowledge of Muay Thai training techniques to become proficient at these powerful martial arts techniques. You have to actually drill them.

They say that it takes a minimum of 10,000 reps to really understand and ingrain whatever it is your learning.

It’s no different in your Muay Thai training.

By drilling your Muay Thai moves your embedding them into your nervous system. That’s right your nervous system. A lot of people are under the impression that it’s “muscle memory” that recalls the techniques. It’s not muscle memory. Your muscles help you carry out the actual move. Your nervous system is what remembers the technique.

Through constant repetition your nervous system remembers these martial arts technique and your muscles help to execute them. Of course, the more conditioned your muscles are — the stronger and faster each striking/defensive move will be. But speed and power are nothing in comparison if you can’t properly execute the technique at the right time.

Muay Thai Drilling

When you see these professional Thai boxing fighters land these strikes, it’s from thousands of repetitions. They discovered the proper timing and every little nuance to be able to successfully land that particular move.

This is where your drilling comes in. By constantly drilling your Muay Thai techniques your nervous system is remembering how you throw and execute that particular technique. Each time you throw a kick,  a punch, a defensive movement… your body remembers how you did it, how it felt, when you did it, and how long it took. The more you do it the better you get at the move.

Remember Bruce Lee quote: “Fear not the man who knows 10,000 moves, fear the man who knows 1 move and practiced it 10,000 time”.

Image how good your push kick would be if you just drilled that one move for a month, or 3 months. I would be significantly better than all your Muay Thai techniques. The problem is that we become very bored at just doing one technique all the time. It starts to become mundane and you start drilling the move horribly. Which in turn makes you become a worst Muay Thai kickboxing fighter because you just did 10,000 reps completely wrong.

Ways To Drill Your Muay Thai Techniques

So how do you get a lot of drilling in without sacrificing technique?

Start by mixing up all the different ways you can drill these techniques. Lets just keep it simple with the push kicks. Here are a few;

  • Shadow boxing with push kicks
  • Push kicks on the Muay Thai heavy bag
  • With a pad trainer
  • Push kicks with a partner
  • Visualizing the technique
  • Light Sparring with kicks

Not only do all the ways above help you to keep everything fresh, but it also gives you a different feel and look on how to throw your attacks. Shadow boxing your push kicks is going to be a lot different then push kicking on the Muay Thai heavy bag or the Thai pads.

So you have to work them all.

Time to train…

–Kru Jose’ Villarisco

P.S. I added a short video below on how you can drill your Muay Thai push kicks on the heavy bag. This is just one of many ways you can drill your moves.

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