Muay Thai is a Good Form of Fitness Conditioning

October 15 | By fightersagenda | Filed in: Muay Thai.

As most of you know from watching MMA fighting and the UFC, that Muay Thai is a popular form of self-defense and competition fighting. It’s also a remarkably effective way to get in good shape.

The reason for this is that Muay Thai conditions your entire body. Muay Thai utilizes your elbows, knees, hands and feet and transforms your body into an extremely effective weapon. In the process of doing so, your body adapts to the workout and, because you use every muscle in your body, you get in better all-around fitness shape.

Technique and Fitness

Muay Thai utilizes striking techniques that employ your entire body. For instance, if you throw a proper Muay Thai roundhouse kick, your entire body turns with the action, concentrating the amount of force that you’re delivering to your opponent.

In order to do this properly, you must drill your body repeatedly until your muscles are exceptionally coordinated and, in the process…  You build them up.

You also build tremendous amounts of aerobic fitness doing Muay Thai.

If you’ve never sparred or been in a situation where you had to defend yourself physically before, you probably don’t realize how much energy it actually takes to throw a punch or kick. The average person will be exhausted after throwing a few punches.

When you work out day after day doing this extremely energy-consuming activity, your body adapts by increasing its efficiency and capacity to generate energy.

Muay Thai also has tremendous psychological benefits.

The incentive of learning how to defend yourself to such a degree that you are the last person somebody would want to attack in a dark alley gives you an additional reason to show up at class. For some Muay Thai and MMA students, losing the love handles or getting tighter abs become secondary after they realize how good it feels to be confident in your ability to intelligently defend yourself.

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