“Piercing OK” Muay Thai Knee Strike

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”The Crushing Muay Thai Knee”

The Muay Thai knee strike is one of the strongest attacks you can throw in martial arts. Not only is this devastating strike that can knock your opponent out, but is been known to break bones and quickly end a fight in a single blow.

Research shows the the Muay Thai knee is equivalent of being hit by a car at 35 mph. Yeah, if you get hit with this technique you can be sure your not going to be getting up off the floor anytime soon.

Out of my 20 plus years of martial arts training, this technique alone has won me many numerous fights and had my opponents running scared fearing this devastating strike.

What make this popular Muay Thai technique so effective is the sharp blunt force and the precise delivery of the strike. As you’ll find out in the video below.

Timing, technique, bulls-eye precision, and the know-how of when to execute this masterful martial art move off your attackers punch, all play key factors in landing this powerful strike.

Let’s begin…

Keys To Throwing The Muay Thai Knee Technique

The first and most important concept is to recognize when your opponent is getting ready to punch you. Now for most people, the natural reaction is to step back, slip, or block when the punch is coming towards you. That’s not what you want to do.

You want to step in. This is one of the ways your going to add power in the knee attack. It’s like two forces coming together and making contact at the same time. The harder your opponent punches the stronger your Muay Thai knee is going to be.

The second step is to use your left hand and guide the punch to the same side of the knee your throwing. By guiding his hand to your knee your adding more power to the Muay Thai boxing technique, and it helps you avoid taking a shot straight to your face, which is always an added bonus, haha.

The last step is to execute the knee strike. There are a few key details to keep in mind to get the most out of the Muay Thai knee technique…

  • Lean back to trust your hips forward
  • Support leg heel should be off the ground
  • Chin is down by your chest
  • Right hand posts or pulls the back of your opponents neck for more power
  • Right foot is slightly on the outside of your thigh(insures your knee goes straight in)
  • Aim for the solar plexus

 There’s an old mantra in Muay Thai that goes: “The punch beats the kick, kick beats the elbow, elbow beats the knee, ‘knee beats the punch’ “.

Of course this saying is not set in stone… and there are always an exception to the rule, but A Lot of the Muay Thai training techniques are very applicable and a basic must… for a beginner Muay Thai martial artist.

We’ll talk more about this in another blog, but in the meantime check out the video below on the Thai boxing knee strike.

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