Root Yourself with the Perfect Muay Thai Fighting Stance

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The Muay Thai Fighting position is the 1st and most fundamental technique you’ll learn in your Muay Thai training. So, were going to cover a ton of detail on this subject.

Make sure you follow along because your stance is going to start building your foundation in Muay Thai. Without this… everything will turn upside down. Once you master the stance, it’s going to make learning Muay Thai much easier and you’ll be able to discover what your strengths and weakness are.

Don’t worry though, it’s not that hard to learn the stance… In fact… It’s probably the easiest and it will keep getting better over time.

To begin with you need to understand the difference between a Muay Thai Fighting stance and that of a traditional boxers stance.

Muay Thai fighters like to stand with their hands held to about temple level, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and back slightly hunched. 

Where as in western boxing, the hands are held next to the chin, and they have a wider stance, allowing them to sit down on their punches for more power and speed. So watch out for those punches in bunches.

Your more than likely going to be fighting with a more traditional Muay Thai fighting position. This posture will allow you to effectively use ALL of your weapons. If your stance is too wide you won’t be able to defend the kicks and it will also hinder you from attacking with your own kicks because  your center of gravity is lower to the ground.

But… “Take Everything With A Grain Of Salt”. As one of my coaches use to say. And you’ll hear me that often as well. It just means that just because someone say this or that. Does not mean it is absolute.

There are always exceptions to the rules and techniques.

Especially in Thai Kickboxing… There maybe times when you will have to widen your stance. Just make sure you understand that if will make it more difficult to use some of your kicking and lower body defenses in a boxers stance.

With all the different weapons you can use like knees, kicks, punches, and elbows. It’s pretty much a FREE FOR ALL type of fighting with very limited rules. Someone is bound to do something crazy.

It’s NEVER predictable…

It all depends on the person. Everyone is different… Even you.

A good Muay Thai stance should have a complete balance between defense and attack. On top of being able to move effectively in all directions and generate speed and power.

Everyone is build differently and so some of the stances is going to vary slightly depending on the individual and what their attributes are. But we’ll over the basic stance and give you a good foundation to build on.

Let’s get started…

Left handed or Right handed?

This makes a difference because you want your most dominant hand and leg in the back, loaded for the power attack. If your right handed (which most people are) you want to first start by;

  • Stand about shoulder width apart on the same line.

Feet shoulder width apart

  • Next step your left leg forward (just slightly wider than shoulder width apart).
  • And the right foot in the back toes pointing about 45 degrees with a slight raise in your heel and both knees slightly bent.

Make sure your both feet are not on the same line. Your front toes and back heel should almost be lined up.

Do Not have your feet on the same line

  • Your elbows should be held close or slightly away from your ribs (your choice) and your hands in a loose closed fist next to your temple.
  • The body should have a slight hunch and almost squared up with the opponent.
  • Make sure that your weight is even between the hips and legs.
  • Chin is down and eyes on your opponents eyes.

Fighting position is too wide.

Bad stance: Fighting position is too wide

This is a good Orthodox stance.

Good Muay Thai fighting stance

Muay Thai fighting stance

For left handed fighters, your stance is opposite. That means your right foot is forward with the left foot in the back. This is the Southpaw fighting stance.

If your a left-handed Thai kickboxing fighter or decide to train in the southpaw stance you’ll have a great advantage, as most orthodox fighters will not be used to your stance. Will get into the Southpaw stance in another blog.

Key Points To Remember For This Martial Arts Stance:

1. The hands will be held high to protect from kicks and punches
2. Marching feet and staying on your toes to where they are barley touching the floor
3. Eyes forward on your opponent
4. Chin Down
5. Loose Fist
6. Slight hunch in your back
7. Elbows In
8. Make sure your feet are not on the same line
10. Don’t forget Breathe

Well, there you have it. Your basic Thai Kickboxing stance. There are other variations, but I don’t want to confuse you. Let’s just start with this and later you can move on to a stance that’s better suited for you.

After each attack, defense and movement you ALWAYS want to return to your fighting position.

In any case if you are already training at a Muay Thai school just ask your instructor. You can never get too much feedback. They’ll know what’s the best stance to fit your style.

Oh, one last important key to remember. After each attack, defense and movement you ALWAYS want to return to your fighting position. It ALL Starts and Ends in your Muay Thai Fighting position.

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