The Fat Smash Diet

Most celebrity diets are fads taken up more because of the celebrities that endorse them, and less due to any truly long-lasting benefits. But the Fat Smash Diet is a brilliant exception. Initially made popular due to VH1’s weight-loss reality show, “Celebrity Fit Club”, the Fat Smash diet has won widespread approval from doctors and health experts alike. This is because of the practical, well-balanced, and rigorous approach to weight loss of its creator, Dr. Ian K. Smith.

Features of the Fat Smash diet

The Fat Smash diet takes its name from the smashing out of unhealthy food habits and a lifestyle that lacks exercise.

It does not place much importance on the emotional aspect of weight-loss, but instead concentrates on the physical processes of the human body.

The diet plan is different and refreshingly practical in the sense that it provides for the occasional social gatherings and indulgence in food and drinks.

The Fat Smash diet plan does not require counting calories, which makes a lot of other diets rather tedious.

It forbids skipping any meals and recommends four to five meals a day irrespective of appetite, because skipping meals lowers the metabolic rate which defeats the purpose of a weight-loss regimen.

The flexibility of this diet is part of its appeal and the reason why more and more people are adapting it into their lifestyle.

The Fat Smash diet is a ninety-day program which runs in four phases, beginning with limited types of foods allowed and regular cardio exercise to gradually include almost all kinds of foods, and a rigorous exercise routine. The four phases are called Detox, Foundation, Construction and the Temple.

The Four Phases of Fat Smash Diet

Detox Phase: The 9-day Detox phase is the only slightly daunting part of this whole diet, because it severely limits your diet to plant-based and non-dairy products. But this phase is essential in that it cleanses the impurities from the system. Food is eaten raw, grilled or steamed. Unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables are allowed except for white potatoes and avocado. Chickpeas, lentils, beans, egg-whites and tofu are the only source of protein other than low-fat milk or yoghurt, or soy milk. Water and herbal teas are the only drinks allowed. There is a strict list of the kinds of foods allowed and it should be followed for best results. This diet is to be accompanied by 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five times a week.

Foundation Phase: The 3-week Foundation phase comes next. The diet of the Detox phase is supplemented by additional foods in limited, specified quantities. Food in this phase is prepared just as in the Detox phase and includes lean meats, whole-grain cereals, seafood, whole eggs, granulated sugar, butter, coffee, diet soda, lemonade and club soda.  The cardiovascular exercise session is increased to a duration of 35 minutes five times a week. Five meals a day are still required, with the last meal at least 1.5 hours before bedtime. A short walk post dinner is recommended.

Construction Phase: In this next four-week phase, the number of meals and food preparation methods remain the same, but bread and pasta in limited amounts are reintroduced in addition to the foods allowed in the Foundation phase. The cardiovascular exercise now increases to 45 minutes every day five times a week. In order to triumph over any weight-loss plateaus, Dr. Smith recommends going back to the diet of the Detox phase for a week during this phase. In addition, this phase includes additional light exercise routines twice a day, several times a week, to increase metabolic rate and hence weight loss.

Temple Phase: In this 4-week phase which later extends through life, foods like pizzas and potatoes, and drinks like wine and beer are allowed on occasion. Portions are controlled. The habit of eating more fruits and vegetables and less red meat and dairy products is never relinquished. Exercise routine includes 5 sessions of 1-hour cardiovascular sessions a week as well as strength training at least twice a week to increase muscle mass and reduce fat content in the body.

The Fat Smash diet really works if its tenets are adapted for life. As Dr. Smith points out, diets do not fail people, it is people that fail diets. By making the Fat Smash diet extremely flexible and adaptable, Dr. Smith has devised a practicable way of achieving consistent weight loss and its maintenance through life.