5 Tips To Throw A Powerful Muay Thai Round Kick

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Just in case you didn’t know, the Muay Thai round kick is the bread and butter Thai boxing.

It’s the most unique and powerful kick the the martial arts world. These devastating kicks have been know break bones and stop even the most skilled street fighter and martial artist dead in there tracks.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the Muay Thai kick that’s different from all other martial arts fighting system is that it makes use of the shin bone as the striking surface. Whilst most fighting arts uses the instep of the foot.

The problem with using the foot is that it has a lot of small bones, so it’s easier to break or get hurt.

Where in the Muay Thai style of Thailand, their focuses is on a much harder, thicker bone like the shin. Many people say and compare the Thai Kickboxing roundhouse to getting hit with a baseball bat.

Trust me when I say this…

“Their RIGHT”!

Check out the video below and see for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Muay Thai Kick : Sport Science “Hardest Kick”

So here are the top 5 tips to really getting those devastating Muay Thai round kicks.

1. Step out

First thing to have to do is make sure you step out at a 45 degree angle. This movement will start to propel your body forward and angle yourself for a better position.

Make sure you really push off the ground with that back leg. The harder you push… the faster and stronger your kick is going to be. Which is one of the reasons I said in a previous post about keeping that back heel slightly off the ground.

2. Windshield Wipers

Second thing you want to make sure you do is start your windshield wipe sequence. Post and Cover, Cover and Post (if you don’t know what this is make sure you go to the FREE Muay Thai video page and sign up for your 3- part Muay Thai beginners course).

Step Out & Pivot

This super fast hand movement sequence will give you added power and speed to the kicking technique. And give you maximum protection from counter attacks.

3. Pivot & Rotation

Hip and shoulder rotation is the most important part to having bone-crushing Muay Thai round kicks. Rotating your hip creates the action for your kicking leg to whip around.

Pivot & Rotation

Just like the baseball player who start to rotate his body, followed by his arms and then the bat, to hit he ball for maximum power.

As your front leg steps forward you want to make sure that your support leg heel is off the ground to allow you to fully pivot on the ball of your foot. When you do this your support leg should be as straight as possible and pivot until your heel points at your target.

On The Toes & Pivot

This is crucial detail. Just think…

If you don’t pivot of the ball of the foot, your not going to be able to get full rotation with your hip, and you’ll put more stress on your knee. If your heel is flat on the floor, more friction is created from the surface. Hence, slower pivot and less rotation.

4. Follow Through

This step is pretty simple. Just follow through your target. That’s it.

Don’t kick at your target… Go through your intended target.

Here’s an example. If I throw a round kick to my attackers rib cage, I’m not aiming to hit his body. Rather, I want to imagine that I follow through to the point that my kick would hit the other side of his/her ribs… And then hit someone else.

That’s what I call a hard Thai boxing kick.

5. Good posture

Many people tend to lean back when executing their round kick, but that’s completely wrong. I think the biggest reason why most martial arts students do this is to protect them self from getting hit. But in reality, if you follow the previous step as stated above (hip and shoulder rotation). You should be completely protected from counter attacks.

Remember, you are trying to kick through your opponent. So if you lean back, you start to take away power from the kick. My weight is now directed backward, which takes away the power. Your weight should be forwards and posture should be as straight as possible, to get the proper follow through. Try to make a straight line with from your foot to the top of the head.

I know it seems like a lot of steps, but just take your time. Really focus on the technique. Go slow. And be patient. It take some time to get good and develop a powerful Muay Thai round kick.

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