How To Wrap Your Hands For Muay Thai Training

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Hand Wrapping 101 For Muay Thai Boxing

Today I wanted to cover an important aspect of your Muay Thai Kickboxing training that every martial art practitioner should know. The Importance of Wrapping Your Hands and how to do it.

Why You Need To Wrap Your Hands

First and foremost the number one reason to wrap your hands especially during Thai Kickboxing training is YOUR safety. It all starts with the right way to wrap your hands if you plan to work out on the mitts or hitting the Thai heavy bags. This is a must for all Muay Thai training. As a fighter your hands are your tools and its your job to protect them.

Think about it, your constantly using them to hit Thai pads, focus mitts, heavy bags, and other people. It’s the equivalent of playing football. Just imagine how many injuries would happen if they didn’t wear helmets and shoulder pads. When you wrap your hands its like a football player putting on his helmet and shoulder pads.

When you wrap up your hands your attempting to protect your knuckles, wrist, and fingers. As you get better in your Muay Thai training techniques, you’ll start to see your punching power and physical endurance increase more and more everyday. Which is another important factor for wrapping your hands. Especially if your like me. I have very small wrist and I need all the support I can get.

Another critical factor for wrapping your hands for your Muay Thai classes are to get extra support. If you throw a bad punch or hit the heavy bag or Thai pads at a weird angle you could hurt your hand. Trust me, it has happened many time to me. And thanks to wearing the hand wraps, I have avoided many potential injury’s.

Types Of Hand Wraps

There are all types of different wraps you can use; you have your classic elastic Mexican Style Hand Wraps, to the authentic Mexican gauze, regular gauze, boxing tape and traditional weave hand wraps. From sizes that go from 108 to 180 inches in length. You even have regular Knuckle Guards you slip on your fist and Mesh Hand Wrap.

With so many to choose from how do you know whats best?

First off let me just say that I really don’t approve of any slip on type of hand wraps. That’s just a lazy and quick way to wrap your hands. If you are a serious about your Muay Thai training and don’t mind taking a little bit of extra time to invest in your tools by protecting your hands properly, then you will not use this method.

I prefer to use the traditional weave or elastic Mexican style wraps that are 120 or 180 inches depending on the size of your hands. The more you have on the better, as long as you can get your hands inside the gloves and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or too loose. And if you want even more support you can use boxing tape to go around the wraps.

The gauze are great to use too, but they take a bit longer to put on because you have to tape them up as well. Unless you know someone that can make you a custom wrap that you can reuse over and over. But in any case, I usually save the gauze for actual Muay Thai fights.

So here’s the step by step tutorial on how to wrap your hands for Muay Thai boxing. There is also a video below that you can watch and follow along with.

Step 1: Fold your hand wraps over in three to four inch increments to be placed across the knuckles.

Step 2: Place folded portion of hand wrap on knuckles and wrap around the palm and over the section to hold in place.

Step 3: From there you go from the palm down to the opposite side of the wrist.  Around the wrist and back up to the opposite side of the palm ( you should see an X pattern forming)

Step 4: As you begin to go back up towards your knuckles begin to lace the wrap. Between your fingers around your palm and back down to the wrist and repeat u until you’ve gone between each finger.

Step 5: Once you’ve gone between every finger you begin to go around your wrist and knuckles and repeat continuing to form the “x” pattern.

Step 6: Once you’ve done this you finish by wrapping your wrist until you can velcro the wrap together.

Once you’ve finished wrapping your hands you can begin your training session. Check out the video below so you can follow along. I also show the version where you wrap your thumb.

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